the chapter you start together

what to expect from your engagement session...

Think of it like a date — okay a double-ish date since we’ll be there too! But really, that’s how comfortable we want you to feel. 

We’d love for you to pick your location and we’ll travel to you. It can be somewhere special to the two of you or just somewhere dreamy and timeless. We’re happy to recommend places too! 

Expect to spend around an hour laughing and walking the area. We’ll capture you two in love, naturally interacting. 

You bring the love. We’ll be ready to make you laugh with silly prompts. We’ll keep you energized. Together we’ll capture this incredible chapter in your lives. 


How long is an engagement session?

Typically an hour, sometimes more sometimes less.

What should we wear?

Go for coordinated but not matchy matchy. If you are struggling with this reach out to Katie and she can offer some suggestions. Ultimately choose something that you feel yourself in.
You can also read more here: https://www.protzmanphoto.com/blog/what-to-wear-to-your-photo-session/

what time of day is best for my session?

The highly sought after "golden hour" is the time of day when the light is soft and even. We aim to be within 1-2 hours of sunset or sunrise! If you are picking a location that is know to be highly trafficked, lets try a weekday!

Have a question that isn't answered here?

Reach out to us! We will be more than happy to answer it for you

Love Notes

Love Notes

“Amazing experience! We had our engagement photos done and we had so much fun! Matt and Katie were joking around with us the whole time which made it fun. It does help that I’ve known Katie since 5th grade! The best part was that they just wanted us to be ourselves which made every photo look more natural. They are photographing my wedding as well and I can’t wait! I know the photos will be just as amazing if not more!”

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